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Student Spotlight

Our dedicated students are the heart of our community.
Brian Barnett.

As a rock drummer and trip-hop percussionist, I literally must use every part of my body to play the drumset, just like we have to do in hot yoga.  When performing on stage, drummers must be in a very concentrative state, just like we must be when holding a challenging pose.  I've noticed hot yoga helps me approach and interact with my drumset in a more mindful manner.  As founder and CEO of Solstar Space Company, I do my fair share of public speaking, so I need to look and feel my best.  In this role, I am also training for a possible spaceflight in the coming years.  HYDT helps me on all these fronts.  


I had been a consistent runner for my entire life since high school and had incorporated yoga stretches into my warmup routine.  However, I had never realized how intensive an aerobic workout hot yoga could be until having a chance opportunity to do so in Washington, D.C. a few years ago.  Once I figured that out, I decided to transition from running to hot yoga.  


I love Hot Yoga Downtown because all the instructors are superb in thier own unique, artful way, and I feel a lot of love there.  And, I am encouraged to do my best at HYDT which is how I approach life.

- Brian


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