We are accepting only fully vaccinated clients at this time.
In compliance with the new order in New Mexico, Hot Yoga Downtown will require all clients to wear masks inside the studio at all times, regardless of vaccination status.  This will be temporary.  

Please show your vaccination card at the front desk.
Thank you for your understanding!

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welcome to hot yoga downtown

Hot Yoga Downtown supports each student in his or her individual yoga journey.  We respect your right to modify postures or to take breaks when necessary.  If you are working through an injury, please notify your teacher.

First time clients welcome!  Please arrive dressed for class with your yoga mat, towel, mask, and full water bottle. New student special is $29 for 30 days, sign up today.

please note

There is additional free parking for Hot Yoga Downtown clients in the lot west of the studio.  At the request of neighboring businesses and residents, please refrain from parking in the Parq Central Hotel lot, as well as in the apartment parking lot south of the studio.  You may be ticketed or towed.

Clients driving west on Central Ave:  A left turn into our parking lot across the bus lane is illegal!  Use the light on High Street to take a left.

How has Hot Yoga Downtown Albuquerque impacted your life?  Send an email to hotyogadowntownabq@gmail.com and be seen! You are appreciated.

Student Spotlight
Our dedicated students are the heart of our community.  
Celebrating Chris Pennebaker this month!‍

"Sometime in 2007, my wife and I were eating at a restaurant which at the time was called Milton’s. We had a home practice but Nicole suggested we try out this new studio across the street where there was a class in session. I was highly skeptical. Why would anyone want to do yoga in front of giant plate glass windows for all the world to see? And in a room heated well above what any sane person would consider comfortable? AND pay for that dubious privilege? I summarily vetoed the notion. But Nicolepersisted and tried a couple of classes and eventually talked me into giving it a try. I was hooked on day one. At first, I thought a couple of classes a week would be sufficient. Soon, I was coming at every opportunity and then I began to schedule my life around class instead of the other way around. Not long after, as I remember it, Bruce began to show up early in the morning at 6:00 AM so he could get some practice time in before the day’s schedule began. A few people caught wind of this like Stan and Gary. Iwas skeptical. Why would anyone want to do intense yoga, at 6 AM, in a hot room, in front of plate glass windows, with instruction from a cassette tape in a boom box, and pay for it?‍

But… I was hooked from day one. I didn’t realize what an integral part of my life this practice and this studio had become until Nicole and I moved away. I have heard it said by others, and I can also say, the thing we missed the most about leaving Albuquerque was HYDT - the community which had become our extended family. And of course, green chile. When we finally moved back in 2012, the first thing I did was start up again with the morning faithful and that is when I knew I was home again. Though there have been changes and evolutions, and pandemics, the daily practice continues to provide the grounding, and constancy which enables me to approach the rest of my life with an even keel. I look forward to resuming our yearly retreats and to many more years with the Crew."
-Chris Pennebaker

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New Student Special $29 for 30 days unlimited classes! Valid from your first day of class until thirty days after.