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New Student Special $29 for 30 days unlimited classes! Valid from your first day of class until thirty days after.

welcome to hot yoga downtown

Hot Yoga Downtown supports each student in his or her individual yoga journey.  We respect your right to modify postures or to take breaks when necessary.  If you are working through an injury, please notify your teacher.

First time clients welcome!  Please arrive dressed for class with your yoga mat, towel, mask, and full water bottle. New student special is $29 for 30 days, sign up today.

please note

There is additional parking for clients in the lot west of the studio.  Please avoid parking in the Parq Central parking lot. Clients driving west on Central Ave:  A left turn into our parking lot across the bus lane is illegal!  Use the light on High Street to take a left.

Student Spotlight
Our dedicated students are the heart of our community.  
Celebrating Lindsay Walker this month!

HYDT is my place of devotion. It is the place that offers me safety, peace, and a quiet space to reflect and grow, which is saying a huge amount since I’m a hot-tempered redhead who needs to come several times a week!

I have been at hot yoga studios across the country, but HYDT is definitively home. The energy created by the instructors & community is unique and brings me so much joy.

Whether I come in at my best ready to give it my all or come barely scraped off the floor, heart broken, and tired, I am always welcomed by open hearts and arms. What I love most about HYDT is the variety of humanity that lays down next to me to seek grateful hearts and a way to release that which does not serve. The inclusivity of ALL people makes it a family and a place that I dearly love.

The start of the pandemic turned my travel job to complete isolation with my then 8 year old daughter.  What kept me grounded, sane, able to parent, teach, and learn to work virtually for several months were the virtual classes that continued the sense of community against the odds of extreme lockdown. In a time of absolute loneliness, I had the HYDT community to lift me up each morning and remind me how blessed I was. This gift of unity—without any charge or expectation in return will make me forever grateful and loyal to this inspiring, stubbornly hopeful group of instructors who led us through.

How has Hot Yoga Downtown Albuquerque impacted your life?  
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