welcome to hot yoga downtown

Hot Yoga Downtown supports each student in his or her individual yoga journey.  We respect your right to modify postures or to take breaks when necessary.  If you are working through an injury, please notify your teacher.

First time clients welcome!  Please arrive dressed for class with your yoga mat, towel, and full water bottle. New student special is $29 for 30 days, sign up today.

please note

There is additional parking for clients in the lot west of the studio.  Please avoid parking in the Parq Central parking lot. Clients driving west on Central Ave:  A left turn into our parking lot across the bus lane is illegal!  Use the light on High Street to take a left.

February Arm Balance Workshop!
Saturday February 18th
12:30-2:15 pm
Due to limited space
sign up in person at the studio

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first time?

New Student Special $29 for 30 days unlimited classes! Valid from your first day of class until thirty days after.

Hey all local artists!!!
Want to showcase your work at the studio?!

Dm us for deets and we will set it up!

Mobile by Dave Estes -local artist, Albuquerque Native. Check out his Instagram here.

Look for a large installation by Dave at the studio soon!

Student Spotlight
Our dedicated students are the heart of our community.  
Celebrating Lynette Wickstrom this month!

When I found my way to Hot Yoga Downtown in 2018, I was seeking to deepen my practice of yoga through a teacher training program.  I bought a one month intro package (only $29!) but didn’t imagine I could deal with the HOT part of HYDT.  After my 30 days, I found I’d become addicted-not just to the heat but to the community, the ritual of the practice, the amazing teachers and to the deep peace that the studio was helping me cultivate.

In the 4 ½ years I’ve been with the studio now, I’ve yet to participate in a teacher training program but my practice has deepened immeasurably and I’m convinced that my journey has taken me exactly where I belong.  I’ve learned so much from the outstanding roster of instructors and have the opportunity to practice with a different one every day of the week.  I’ve been inspired by my fellow students to continue to show up and bring my best self, so that I might in turn be an inspiration to them.   I’ve been awed by the generosity and compassion of the owners and management of the studio—they truly strive to make the practice affordable and accessible to all.  In short, I’ve found my home in Hot Yoga Downtown and there’s no place like home….

It’s a beautiful thing to walk into the hot room and participate in a practice where we set good vibrations in motion.  You can just feel the energy buzzing in the air and it’s lovely to think about how the yogis carry it with them into the greater world every day and spread the love. I encourage all who seek to come find!

How has Hot Yoga Downtown Albuquerque impacted your life?  
Send an email to hotyogadowntownabq@gmail.com and be seen! You are appreciated.