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Abby Flammang began her practice ten years ago and very shortly after that she found the amazing community here at Hot Yoga Downtown. She is a certified personal trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine and completed the fitness professional program at Central New Mexico Community College. In 2011 she traveled to Ft Lauderdale and trained with Jimmy Barkan receiving her 200 RYT in hot vinyasa. She went on to complete a level II training the following year in Costa Rica. Abby is passionate about yoga, the mysteries of the human body and exercise science and this love has led her into a new educational journey. She is pursuing a nursing degree currently and at the same time continues to learn, teach, play, and explore more deeply into her yoga practice. Abby’s classes are put together mindfully using her knowledge of anatomy, and designed to challenge, strengthen and heal the body.


A yoga practitioner of 19 years, Allisun has been Teaching Yoga and leading Yoga retreats in the US and beyond since 2006.

Allisun is deeply inspired by nature, music, and love. The result is a flowing, dynamic, spiritual and devotional expression of mind, body, and breath, tapping into the creativity, fluidity, sensuality, and movement within every living being. Allisun believes we are ONE with each other, wth this earth, the stars above, past and future… united by passion, spirit, and love.

Allisun believes Yoga is our connection to Divine Spirit, our connection to the beyond. Yoga is transcendent and timeless.

Allisun’s knowing is that through intentional practice, how we move through the world on AND off the mat, we can heal this planet, we can heal all that breathes and grows.


Andrew is a recent graduate of the HYDT teacher training and has practiced yoga for over 10 years. His yoga practice compliments his other activities of cycling and running that all work together for a balanced mind, body and spirit. He is currently pursuing his PhD in Health Communication at the University of New Mexico. His class focuses on foundational alignment and  postures that support any level of practice. 


I have been teaching yoga for over 15 years. I have been trained in Iyengar, Kundalini, Pre-Natal, Restorative, Bikram, and Hot Yoga practices. Currently I teach and practice at the Hot Yoga Downtown Albuquerque Yoga studio. I am thrilled to be part of such a caring and inspirational yoga community. I began my yoga practice in my teens and was trained and instructing classes by the late 90’s. I have worked in various studios and health clubs during this time. On Halloween 2001 I was in a near-fatal car accident. I was left with a broken body and was in a coma for 9 days. I strongly believe that yoga helped to save my life. In the dark coma, the process of coming back, and the slow months of recovery to follow the teachings and physical training of yoga would help to aid me again and again in the healing process. 

Flexibility and strength that the body and mind gain through the yoga practice is immense. The practice is designed to be individual so there are modifications for almost every level of practitioner. Beyond healing from the accident, I practiced the hot yoga series throughout my pregnancy with my son and believe it was a contributing factor to a healthy pregnancy and ideal labor and birth experience. The practice of yoga is traditionally a therapeutic one. Taught from a long line of Guru’s and choreographed into the best format to help us, Yoga has been designed to heal our bodies, help us quiet the mind, strengthen the connection between the two via the breath and in turn become stronger (more conscious) beings. I seek to share the teachings and methods of Yoga I have been trained in and personally practice with others so that they too can enjoy the tremendous benefits that Yoga can provide. See you on the mat!


Avery Janeczek Kalapa​​ eRYT500​​, ​BFA, is delighted to have found the playful, vigorous, welcoming community of Hot Yoga Downtown. She ​​has been practicing since 1997, teaching since 2004, and h​as traveled around the US and to India to study yoga, both advanced practices and therapeutic applications. She completed her 200 hr with the Temple of Kriya Yoga, 300 hr at High Desert Yoga, and holds special certifications in Prenatal Yoga, Yoga for the Pelvic Floor, Yoga for Kids, Trauma Informed Street Yoga, and Pranayama. Her technique is inspired by the ​method of BKS ​Iyengar, somatic exploration, experiential anatomy, and Vipassana meditation​ as taught by S.N. Goenka​. ​She has over 2500 contact hours with senior teachers, including Abhijata Iyengar, Patricia Walden, Ramanand Patel, Elise Miller, Leslie Howard, Judith Lasseter, Francois Raoult, ​Bobbie Fultz, and her primary teacher, Kim Schwartz. ​

Avery loves ​attention to detail, ​precision ​​in both body and awareness, playful courage, and commitment to the spiritual dimension; she brings a nurturing, creative reverence to her classes. ​Avery finds joy in exploring the myriad of ways we can gain access to the empowering expansion of this practice, and in ​applying yoga as a tool for both social justice and inner liberation. Avery teaches classes, private sessions, workshops, and retreats, ​writes about yoga at and you can find her on facebook at Yoga with Avery.​ She is also a queer mom, community organizer, artist, aerialist, and organic gardener. ​


Bruce, E-RYT, began teaching yoga in 2003 after being certified in Bikram Choudhury’s intensive nine-week training in Los Angeles. He taught the Bikram method and continued to work as a landscape architect before opening Hot Yoga Downtown with Molly Krause in 2006. Bruce later completed Jimmy Barkan’s Level II and Level III teacher trainings in Fort Lauderdale and Costa Rica and has assisted Jimmy with his Costa Rica trainings for several years.Bruce, known as a nurturing and compassionate teacher with a playful style, has overcome physical obstacles in his personal practice and offers empathy and experience to those students with injuries. As such, he has introduced a new class at HYDT — Gentle Warm Yoga. 

Bruce is now certified as a therapeutic yoga instructor for seniors, through the Duke University Integrative Medicine program in North Carolina. Taught by Duke medical school physicians, physical therapists and psychologists, he learned the latest research and techniques for teaching yoga to people facing various ailments, from heart disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, joint issues and replacements, breathing disorders, dementia, cancer and pain.Bruce knows that walking into a new yoga class isn’t always easy. If it’s your first time, he will spot you and go out of his way to make you feel comfortable. If you are a seasoned yogi, the beauty is in the details. Bruce teaches the subtleties and will take your practice to a new level, places you never thought you could get to before. Experiencing the tremendous healing power of yoga in his own body and spirit, it is with great joy that he shares the process with others. Bruce and his wife Anne have two daughters, and live in Cedar Crest with their cat, dogs, chickens and horse, Biscochito.


Danielle DeLuca, RYT 200 certified yoga instructor. My passion for hot yoga began in 2010 at Hot Yoga Downtown Albuquerque, and I've never looked back. While yoga has provided me with an invigorating physical practice, I come back to the mat time and time again for the mental and spiritual aspects that ground me. After experiencing a major injury, I discovered that perhaps most importantly, this practice heals and saves. It does so through a strong yoga community that provides support, love and light. It is the best medicine, and I hope to share all the yoga magic with you on the mat!


Emilie Porter-Rand, E-RYT 500, discovered yoga on a date. “What I remember most about the first class I took was the graceful Gumby-spawn practicing next to me. I was stiff as a board, but I knew I had stumbled upon my passion.” Emilie approaches her life with a voracious appetite for learning and growth. A yogini with a well developed sense of humor, Emilie finds inspiration in laughter. She is an energetic and playful instructor whose classes challenge and nurture the body and spirit and encourage positive self-reflection. In 2009, Emilie received her 500 hour Yoga Teacher Certification with Sunstone Yoga. “Each posture is an opportunity to explore your truth. When someone is focused and aware, they connect to the divinity within. When I teach, I’m surrounded by the palpable energy generated by an entire room forging that connection. It’s awe inspiring. It’s humbling.”


As an avid dancer from age 2, I found yoga for the first time at my gym at the University of Rhode Island in 2011. Soon after I began a regular hot yoga practice while continuing to teach dance throughout college. I completed my 200 hour teacher training with Hot Yoga Downtown in 2018. The teacher training changed my life and I seek to incorporate yoga philosophy into all of my classes as well as knowledge from my outside interests as a pharmacist and nutrition/wellness coach. My goal is to inspire students to reach their greatest potential while maintaining a sustainable practice and to find an ease in their practice


Hazel's journey has been guided by the belief that "health is freedom of movement." In order to be a better functioning, happy and healthy human, one must thoroughly understand mind, body, energy, and emotions. Hazel's curiosity for understanding the optimal psycho-physiological function of the human form has inspired a lifelong exploration of movement, health, and medicinal practices. Hazel has travel to Seoul, South Korea to study Buddhism and Vipassana meditation under the instruction of Venerable Congdok, where she learned practices in. Zen meditation (Chamseon), chanting  (yebul) and Zen philosophy. Hazel recognizes the necessity of meditation as a medium crucial to one's experience of equanimity, prosperity, and, ultimately, happiness.

In hopes of enhancing a meditation practice, Hazel came across the Bikram yoga practice in 2009, while pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Languages at the University of New Mexico. In August 2014, Hazel journey to Rishikesh, India, where she resided in an asharam to study the Hatha Yoga practice and philosophy. 

Currently, Hazel works as a licensed Thai massage therapist, to offer versatile holistic healing modalities to all populations in her community and is in the process of pursuing credentials in teaching Transcendental Meditation to enhance her knowledge of focused introspection and meditation. 

Hazel's classes are uniquely challenging and restorative. The diversity of her vinyasa yoga classes is inspired by the myriad of athletes that she teaches weekly from strong powerlifters to graceful rock climbers. Hazel hopes to impart in all beings the desire to function optimally so as to be able to appreciate the beauty in all of life's adventures!


James has completed teacher trainings with Bikram Choudhury and Bryan Kest, having extensive experience not only in the Bishnu Ghosh, and the Power Yoga lineages, but also many other forms from traditional Ashtanga to playful vinyasa flow. He brings years of enthusiasm and energy to the practice room. Challenging, fun and no judgement - classes structured to allow us to explore and grow.


I began my yoga practice in 2011. With a background in both classical and modern dance, I am always on the lookout for new hobbies and activities that challenge me physically. Having tried every sport from snowboarding to rock climbing, I finally found a discipline that incorporated the flow, movement, creativity, and expressiveness that inspired me as a dancer when I discovered yoga. What I didn’t realize was that I was beginning a journey of self-study that would permeate my daily life by way of mindfulness, gratitude, stillness, peace, and love. 

The flow, breath, and structural alignment enable you to come closer to your personal edge each time you return to the mat. I continue to hone my skills and expand my yogic knowledge by engaging in multiple classes in different disciplines and under diverse tutelage, as well as maintaining an open mind and striving always to broaden my knowledge and experiences both in and out of the yoga studio. My intention as an instructor is to create a space for students to get in touch with their creativity and passion; from this place, all things are possible.


Kat Page, 200 hr RYT, fell in love with hot yoga when she was 21 years old. Since then she has continued her study of yoga. She loves to take it slow in her classes and is deeply inspired by Bryan Kest who combines challenge and grace with gentleness and strength. When she's not teaching yoga, she's writing, teaching high school English or hanging out with her daughter, husband and dogs. She has been teaching yoga since February 2013.


I began practicing yoga in 2003. Without yoga, I don’t feel like me. Yoga helps me find my true self, without the stories and stress. It is something I can always go to for healing, no matter what difficulty I might be facing. I teach because I have found so much - spirituality, connectedness, mental and physical health - through my practice and I want others to experience these benefits as well. After a past knee injury, I found that getting back to the hot room and practicing gentle asanas was the quickest way to recover. I strive to teach a class in which students of all levels can get what they need. My sequences are designed to build up gradually to a strong flow and end with calming floor poses to leave you rejuvenated and relaxed.


Kristina is a native New Mexican, mother of four, an artist and an educator. She recently completed the RYT 200hr training here at HYDT. Introduced to yoga as a child she returned to it many times as an adult. And began practicing Ashtanga following a serious injury that left her hospitalized and immobile for months.

"Yoga was the most effective medicine to process the trauma, regain movement and to reconnect with my mind, body and spirit."


Melody found her love for yoga in 2009 while visiting her home town of Boise, ID. Her first class was Hot Yoga and she was hooked! After returning to Albuquerque Melody had a mission to find a Hot Yoga Studio. She soon found her home at Hot Yoga Downtown. With the love and support of the staff she was able to blossom in her daily practice. After 4 years of practice Melody was finally able to take her 200 hour teacher training at Grassroots Yoga Albuquerque. With love and humor Melody shares her passion to be in touch with your body, breath, and mind, while gently guiding you through a hard core workout! If you can breathe you should do yoga it's for life!!!!!

"I love yoga because it's like life, it's a practice that can never be mastered! It's constantly changing and we are always the student."


Mericka Lehman has spent a life exploring the world, finding knowledge and beauty in all of her experiences. This joy of life and adventurous spirit is passed on to everyone she meets. A life-long athlete Mericka grew up a gymnast and ran college cross country at Duquesne University in Pittsburg PA. In 2005 she was awarded her degree in Biochemistry and returned home to New Mexico to begin a career. In 2006 she began yoga to find relief from a serious back injury. Yoga provided her the relief she was looking for, and so much more that she was not. 

Her passion and love for yoga and the personal enrichment it provided for her inspired Mericka to change her life. In 2010 she left her job at a laboratory and completed the Barkan method training certification in Ft. Lauderdale, thus fulfilling a dream and opening a new chapter in her life. Mericka focuses on the total yoga experience, embracing individual uniqueness, she is always providing encouragement and assistance to those in her classes. In addition to her life as a yogi, she also operates a business with her family where the focus is on non-invasive whole body healing solutions.


Born and raised in Albuquerque, NM, Molly began her career in 2001 at UNMH performing nuclear studies on cancer patients and others in various disease processes. It was there that she decided she belonged on the prevention side of things, and attended Bikram Choudhury’s 9 week training in 2003. Since then she has trained with Jimmy Barkan and Gurmukh Khalsa, broadening her knowledge of modern asana technique and philosophy. 

Molly and and her business partner, Bruce Sher, founded Hot Yoga Downtown in 2006 in the spirit of fully embracing the variance in Hot Yoga in the west. The studio is home to several teachers and thousands of students who are currently exploring the practice in all it’s nuanced beauty. A driven teacher and constant student of yoga, Molly invites her students to take their practice to the next level with open hearts and inquisitive minds. When not on the mat or chasing after her little girls, she can usually be found elbow deep in some kind of dough.


Rebekah completed her teacher training in 2010 with Jimmy Barkan. Since then, Rebekah has practiced and taught in New Mexico, New Jersey, and New York, gathering some pretty amazing experiences and studying with some pretty interesting people along the way. In addition to hot yoga, Rebekah studies and practices meditation, reiki, tai chi, yin, prenatal and kids yoga, and a bit of local herbalism. She is also passionate about women's health, speaks German and French, and is always working on her Sanskrit and her dart game.


Ravenna was first introduced to yoga by her parents when she was three, but she didn't fall in love with the practice until many years later, while studying acting at The Juilliard School. At first, Yoga was just a way for Ravenna get a good workout, and burn off some stress from living in the fast paced world of NYC. But after about 6 months, she began to notice that the benefits of the practice were so much more far reaching than just a way to 'get her sweat on'. Yoga is Ravenna's church, her chiropractor, her shrink ---when she steps on to the mat, no matter what kind of a day she has had, she is home. She felt inspired to help other people find and feel a similar sense of connection and belonging, through the power of Yoga. In 2013, she completed a 200-hour training from the Yandara Yoga Institute, and was lucky enough to continue to study with amazing teachers from around the world. Since graduating from Yandara, Ravenna has had the privilege of teaching classes at numerous studios throughout the US and Mexico. She offers her classes with the hope that Yoga will have a positive impact in your life, and help you to live in a balanced, healthy, and peaceful way---both on and off the mat.

When she's not teaching or taking class, Ravenna loves to cook, read, dance, hike, write, make art, see shows, and travel.


Russel White started practicing yoga in 2007 at the University of New Mexico while studying history. After graduating, he continued his yoga practice and eventually found hot yoga in 2011. He believes that yoga is for everyone and that everyone can enjoy its benefits for body and mind. In addition, Russel has many years of experience as a Jiu Jitsu practitioner and certified instructor. He continues to compete in Jiu Jitsu on the international circuit.


I have been practicing yoga since 2014, and I can safely say that yoga has not only changed but saved my life in ways I cannot properly express. I knew right away I wanted to become a teacher but waited to enroll in training until the time was right. I completed my training through Hot Yoga Downtown and graduated in November of 2018. I have taught one hundred and ninety five classes in that time and use this experience to grow in my knowledge and style of teaching. I regularly read about yoga anatomy and physiology so I can offer effective cues as well as modifications for alignment. My goal is to continue to grow as a yogi and as a teacher, it is a blessing and a privilege to be part of the Hot Yoga Downtown community.


Tyrus walked into a yoga studio six years ago because he needed a way to increase his mobility and flexibility after years of playing sports and lifting weights, and he never looked back.  He has been practicing regularly since that first yoga class, and decided to broaden his practice with the HYDT 200 hour teacher training in 2017.  He is an active duty pilot in the Air Force, and uses yoga as a compliment to his intensive exercise program.  In addition to the physical benefits, Tyrus continues to return to his mat for the grounding and centering aspects of the practice.  He has practiced a variety of Vinyasa flow and power fusion styles, and his classes are very upbeat and full of energy.


Like so many other yogis, I began practicing bikram’s yoga for the physical workout and the therapeutic efficacy. Soon, however, the focus of my practice evolved and centered in the mind and the spirit. In the summer of 2010 I attended teacher training in Florida, studying the Barkan Method under Jimmy Barkan. My motivation was two-fold, 1) to acquire greater knowledge of the history, philosophy, and the practice of asana, and 2) to return a small portion of the gift that has so freely been given to me in my practice. Yoga has become the perfect meditative vehicle to expand and improve my relationship and conscious contact with a power greater than myself. I strive to create an environment in my classes where the individual has an opportunity to push limits, explore personal boundaries, and grow within the safety of the community energy.